Du 17 au 28 février 2009

Some/things limited editions monika bielskyte. We are an echo that runs through the train of rooms.

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Gallery nuke presents a double event – exhibition by monika bielskyte & the launch of some/things limited editions by m/bcjt (monika bielskyte james cheng tan) since its inception nuke defends the work of artists who engage explicitly with the issues of the wider world: historical changes, destruction, death, loss & beauty. Both monika bielskyte’s personal work & some/things limited editions main preoccupations are deeply anchored in these very subjects, the main thematics being that of the end, be it the apocalyptic one or personal.

The works presented in we are an echo that runs through the train of rooms are from tatcmuam project, for which the images have been shot entirely above 5000m altitude in himalaya, the limit after which the landscape becomes uninhabitable for people; a place to wash the heart is a big ongoing project of which the chapter 1 will be presented in a form of video that narrates the personal story in the context of the historical & natural cataclysms – such as cambodia’s khmer rouge tragedy, laos secret war, sichuan earthquake – the latter being the place in which was shot the haunting interior that has become the some/things poster of the chapter 2 the two sides of the show in nuke gallery are interconnected as the original artworks (lighboxes) to be shown are the works that gave birth to the first some/things productions : tatcmuam image box, the good angels off fall & a place to wash the heart posters ‘like making up a story or recalling a dream, drifting from direct to less conscious observation is not something that can be quite turned on or off.

Through their focus on the edges of stories, monika bielskyte’s photographs articulate this kind of witnessing, of remembering even the least immediately graspable elements in the passing of things before their her own description, their subject matter is ‘that unbearable feeling that whatever we see is what is not here anymore; all our vision is a chimera of time’ / by lupe nunez fernandez some/things limited editions by m/bjct is something in between the artist project & production/publishing house; under this name are produced limited edition objects that are quite different from most of the things seen in the mainstream market, the aim being to create not just another merchandise, but something that would go beyond it – something with a story, something personal, something unique. Artists participate in conceiving not only the idea but also the design of the objects, all copies are numbered & signed. Both content & aesthetics of the objects are exquisite & austere at the same time: all shades of black monika bielskyte was born in lithuania, but since 2005 is based in paris. Her works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in paris, london, amsterdam, beijing, stockholm, vilnius. In recent years she has also worked in japan, china, cambodia, vietnam, laos, thailand, india, nepal, bhutan, tajikistan, uzbekistan, russia, portugal and spain. The artist usually spends 4 to 6 months a year travelling to shoot her projects, thus incorporating the very personal experience of travel into her dreamlike images that tell stories of passing time.